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FALL FOR ME series:

Fall For Me (#1)

Fall Forever (#2)

Finn’s Fall (#3)

Louder Than Words


HIS KISS series:

His Kiss (#1)

High School Boys (#2)

Her Kiss (Griffin)


Louder Than Words

           It is about Griffin’s best friend from the

hockey team, Mason Archer

(Plus: Griffin & Ally as a couple are in my new book Finn’s Fall)

Note: there is now a middle school book about A&G as well:

“Ally & Griffin (Middle School)”



       HER KISS (Griffin)

      Is Griffin’s version of

       my book, His Kiss

     Louder Than Words

    is now available also.

It is a standalone novel

but it’s part of the

Fall For Me series.

(It’s about Zoey’s best friend,

the cheerleader, Summer Baker.) The book is also part of the His Kiss series as it’s also about Griffin’s best friend from the hockey team, Mason Archer.

No other book needs to be read before this novel.

       New Series:

       Matt & Nicole (Middle School)

It also includes a short story about Ally & Griffin in middle school. (Not the same story that is in the book: “Ally and Griffin middle school”)

The following books in that series are:

Ally and Griffin (Middle School)” & “Summer and Mason (Middle School)

(They’re both available now as well.)



Trent and Megan” is now available

(It has a story about Ally & Griffin and Matt & Nicole in  middle school as well; plus it has other stories)


    New Novel:

                Little Dancer

                     Available now

Updates are below (Though the updates are old ... still they have useful information.) Sorry! I should update my updates.

*My newest novel is: The Player. It has a bonus story about Ally and Griffin called, “Ally Has Amnesia.”  (Ally Has Amnesia is about a two hour read.) Look for it like this: “The Player (plus: Ally Has Amnesia)”

*My novels: Fall For Me, Fall Forever and Finn’s Fall feature Zoey, Riley and Finn.

*My book “Rented Rebound” has a new Ally and Griffin story in it. (It’s a dollar right now.)

*I have a new book in the Slumber Party Wars series. (Click on the link “Middle School Books” at the top of this page to see the whole series. There’s LOTS.)


My novel, High School Boys, is available now as well. The novel also comes with a follow-up story to His Kiss (so more Ally and Griffin--when they first start dating). High School Boys is a teen novel starring best friends, Matt and Nicole, and their first kiss.

Also!! Available now is a bonus story added to my book: “Matt and Nicole Middle School.” It has Matt and Nicole; Riley, Zoey and Finn; Ally and Griffin; Summer and Lacy; Jeremy and Jodi; and more!! (It’s a standalone story--no other book needs to be read first.) It’s added as a bonus.

In the future I will have more to display as I’m just figuring out how to make a website. I want to include trailers and cool things.  Right now, if you want to find  my available stuff, click on the cover images on this page and they’ll take you to Amazon for book information. Also you can click on the links above, such as: “Teen Books” “Middle School Books” or “Series” (at the top of this page) for a bit more info about my books.

About Me (in third person):

Melanie has had over sixty stories published in magazines such as Highlights and Teen Magazine as well as in various anthologies (many being Chicken Soup for the Soul books). She’s had nine children’s books published and fourteen teen novels, such as: The Dating Deal; Always Hers; Little Dancer; and The Stranger Inside. More teen novels are forthcoming this fall, 2017.

Melanie would love to hear from you.

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                New book:

                   The Player


It has a bonus story added to it called: “Ally Has Amnesia”

     My newest book is:





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    The Love Contest


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